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Zandu Pancharishta

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    1. Nilambari

      How is Zandu Pancharishta differ (different) from similar products in other leading available brands in India and worldwide.

    2. Malik Kapoor

      Zandu Pancharishtais used for what? How to Use? Is there any customers testimonial or commetns for this product online.

    3. Chhaya Kapoor

      Where can I get Zandu Pancharishta at low price in the online retail market. Is thisZandu Pancharishtaproduct available for worldwide free / express delivery.

    4. Tushar Gavde

      As a consumers Where can I compare this Zandu Pancharishta features with their competitors one. Also list what are the ingredients present in this product?

    5. Jagat Nair

      Whether this Zandu Pancharishta is FDA approved? Where I can get the detailed product information ?

    6. Baruna Dasgupta

      Where I can post / share my question related to Zandu Pancharishta online and get the best user results. Is there any Forums available for Indian Products.

    7. Malik Kapoor

      What is the alternative product for this Zandu Pancharishta? How to use this product any real product user can help me?

    8. pappu

      from 5 days i am using product but problem yet not solve facing problem like it required to push by product also in awa form

    9. peeta venkataramana

      how many days can use zandhu pancharista?


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  • Zandu Pancharishta  Description :  Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine


    Zandu Pancharishta is an ayurvedic digestive tonic which cures all digestive problems such as gas, acidity, constipation, flatulence, stomach pain, indigestion, builds immunity and strengthens the digestive system.
    Benefits of Zandu Pancharishta :
    *  Possesses the power of digestion and restoration since it combines five herbal medicines prepared by self generated alcoholic process which retain water and alcohol *  soluble herbal principles.
    *  Pancharishta also rids you of anxiety, nervous tension and associated symptoms. 
    *  Helps in convalascence after prolonged illness.
    Indications for use of Zandu Pancharishta:
    *  Digestive, Carminative and Restorative Tonic
    *  Improves Appetite
    *  Helps in convalascence after prolonged illness.
    Zandu Pancharishta contains digestion stimulating herbs as : Plumbago Zeylanica ( Chitrak ). The root of the plant is said to increase the digestive power and promote appetite. The root has beneficial effects in detoxifying liver. 
    In combination with other health promoting herbs in Pancharishta, P. Zeylanica works as a tonic in nervous and rheumatic affections.
    Dosage of Zandu Pancharishta:
    30ml twice or more daily as advised by physician. To be taken after meals. Contains self-generated Alcohol not more than 11.0% v/v. Shake well before use.
    Zandu Pancharishta – Digestive and Restorative Tonic
    Zandu Pancharishta – Useful in Anxiety, Nervous Tension, and in Convalascence After Prolonged Illness.


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